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  • Mosquito killer lamp

    Electronic Mosquito Killer in Bangladesh:

    This is the simple and easy operation to kill mosquitos at home or restaurant. It's very effective and visible action all the time. It's cost-effective and affordable way to keep safe your family from various diseases. This mosquito killer is plug & play and will attract mosquitos to its light and will kill immediately while it's in contact with the high-frequency trap. 

    The Killer can be used in the bedroom, hall, hotel, office, chicken farm, animal husbandry, and any other places where needs killing mosquitoes.The effective killing space of a killer is 32m without anything to obstruct the killer's lights.The killer is designed with power saving, decorating, soft lights, so it should be used in a place without strong lights.Using the killer correctly or not would affect the killing effect. Now, this Electronic Mosquito Killer is available in Bangladesh.

    Specifications of Electronic Mosquito Killer:

    • The effective killing space of a killer is 32m
    • Using the killer correctly or not would affect the killing effect
    • Using height:0.8~1.2M
    • Rated Voltage:110-220-v
    • Rated input power:2w
    • Rated Frequency:50/60HZ

    Circuit design:

    • Limited flow
    • Low power expenditure
    • High efficiency

        Mosquito Killer- Easy to use and very effective
        Economical To Use With Low Electricity Bill.
        Area coverage 30 Square meters
        Without Sound Or Noise
        Light Will attract the mosquito and kill while on trap
        Made in China

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