ADATA Portable SSD 250GB (SE730 External Solid State Drive)

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The SE730 is quite simply the most compact external SSD currently available. But this doesn’t mean it’s not big on performance, featuring USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity and up to 500MB/s read and write. The SE730 uses premium MLC Flash for long-lasting durability, and a convenient reversible USB Type-C connector. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS , and Android, it's perfect for cross-device content sharing. On top of being super elegant, the SE730 is also very rugged. It meets IP68 water and dust proof requirements and military-spec shock proofing for peace of mind wherever you go. Light and compact, it easily fits in one hand and is effortless to carry whether you’re working, traveling, gaming, or otherwise enjoying life.


Faster than ever

The SE730 brings USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds, racing up to 500MB/s in read and write. That means a 5GB file, which is a typical full HD movie, takes just 16 sec to transfer. That’s four times faster than the average external hard drive, so whatever your content it moves and loads in speeds never before seen on an external USB drive.

The new convenient standard: USB Type-C

When using external drives you just want to access and enjoy content, not waste time trying to guess which side of the connector is up or down. With USB Type-C, the SE730 plugs in right away every time. Finally freedom from the USB guessing game!

*Product includes USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable. Connection to Micro USB (USB Type-C) requires separate cable, not included


Mighty IP68 and military-grade shock proofing

Accidental drops and falls are part of life, ADATA research and design has put the SE730 under the strictest elemental and environmental tests. As a result, it carries official IP68 qualifications: the SE730 offers complete protection against dust and particulates, and continues operating normally even when submerged in 1.5m of water for 60 minutes. In addition, the SE730 is MIL-STD-810G 516.6 shock proof certified to virtually eliminate the risk of impact damage. With true military-grade shock resistance, your data is safe even if you’re stressed and happen to drop the SE730.

*SE730 dust and water proof ratings apply only when the USB port cover is firmly closed.

Your light, convenient, and stylish companion

Unlike bulkier external SSDs, the SE730 is so compact you can put it in a sandwich bag or a small pocket. You won’t even notice it, since it weighs just 33g. But it’s always ready when you need it, plus it definitely leaves an impression. We’ve made the SE730 using premium materials, including a gorgeous textured metallic exterior. This isn’t just a super fast and compact external SSD, it’s also a luxurious accessory that’ll make you proud.


Overcome boundaries with cross-OS compatibility

Files to ultra HD 4K video, the SE730’s fast USB Type-C connection doubles with Windows, Mac OS , and Android compatibility to make it an external SSD for all your devices. Move content across operating systems freely, with USB Type-C growing in popularity and making this boundary-hopping easier by the day.

High-grade MLC Flash ensures speed and longevity

The SE730 is no generic SSD. We built-in industrial-grade MLC NAND Flash to guarantee optimized performance, stability, and durability. As a result, the SE730 delivers a consistently impressive 500MB/s read and write, which its quality Flash memory maintains over a long product lifespan so your investment is protected and assured.

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