Google Chromecast Ultra (Stream in up to 4K Ultra HD With Stunning Quality & Lightning Speed)

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Chromecast ultra

Stream in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR with stunning picture and lightning speed

What is Chromecast Ultra?

Stream up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR picture quality over your WiFi network with Chromecast Ultra, a streaming device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smoother streaming.

Use your iPhone®, iPad®, Android device, or laptop to stream thousands of Cast-enabled apps.

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Furious 7 available on Google Play
Sequences simulated and shortened

A better way to get 4K video and more to your TV

Your phone is a simple, powerful remote. Open the mobile apps you already know and love to quickly access things like your TV shows, your playlists, your queues. No new logins or downloads required.

Simply tap the Cast button to see your favorite content on the big screen in up to 4K. No matter what resolution is available, Chromecast Ultra will optimize your picture.

By using your phone, it’s easy to search, browse, queue and control the TV from anywhere in the home. And you can still keep using your phone for other things without disrupting what’s playing or draining your battery.

Picture perfect, up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR

You’ll enjoy a crisper picture, deeper color, and smoother video when streaming 4K content to a 4K TV with Chromecast Ultra*.

Whether your TV is 4K or HD, Chromecast Ultra automatically optimizes your content for the best picture quality possible.

Unlimited entertainment, all on your schedule

Choose from 4K-enabled apps like Netflix and YouTube, or browse over 200,000 TV shows & movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sports, games, and more. Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of apps.

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Small on size, big on performance

Get your shows playing faster, smoother, and more reliably with Chromecast Ultra’s robust processing power. Even if your WiFi network isn’t ready for the demands of 4K, Chromecast Ultra comes with a built-in Ethernet adapter so you can enjoy rock solid streaming over a wired connection.

Everything you love about Chromecast

Use Chromecast Ultra to get the best performance from your 4K TV, while still enjoying all the features that already come with Chromecast. Learn more about casting at

Learn About Casting
Turn your TV screen into a picture frame
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When you’re not streaming, you can turn your TV screen into a beautiful backdrop of images. Customize your TV screen with Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, famous works of art, headline news and more.

Discover new entertainment
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The Google Home app is your one-stop shop for managing Chromecast and Google Home devices. Use the app to easily browse featured content across your apps and search for where you can watch or listen to your favorites. It’s also your central place for finding the latest on new apps, offers, and new features.

Mirror your Android screen
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Stream exactly what you see on your Android phone or tablet screen to the TV. Your vacation photos and videos, favorite social media sites, presentations and more—now bigger than ever.

Mirror any website
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If you can find it online, you can see it on your TV. See whatever’s on your laptop’s Chrome browser on the big screen.

Works with Google Home
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Chromecast Ultra is designed to work seamlessly with Google Home, so you can start watching your favorite movies and shows using only voice commands.

Your phone is the best remote. Here’s why:

Nothing new to learn

With Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, you use the same familiar mobile apps you already know and love — now with your TV. Just tap the Cast button in your favorite mobile app to start watching on TV.

Personalized for you

Your phone has been personalized by you with your apps, playlists, and shows. Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra make it easy for anyone in the family to share their favorites on a shared TV screen.

No new downloads or logins.

Save yourself time instead of using a clunky on-screen keyboard. With Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, you're already signed into all of your apps on your phone, so you don't need to download or login again.

Touch screen interface

Your phone makes it easy and fun to control the TV. Using the familiar touch screen, you can quickly type to search, browse, queue, star, and more.

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Chromecast Ultra

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